III.1 Introductory Note

In 2015 Panel and Appellate Body reports were adopted in eleven disputes. Most of these disputes concerned technical issues related to trade remedy measures, technical barriers to trade and sanitary and phytosanitary measures. However, one dispute stands out because it concerned an important systemic issue: the relationship between the WTO and a regional trade agreement. The major question at issue was whether a member initiating WTO dispute settlement proceedings against another member which had signed an RTA could be considered as acting in a manner contrary to good faith. Although the issue was ultimately not resolved because the agreement had not entered into force, the WTO reports constitute an important step in clarifying the above relationship.

Joanna Gomula

LL.M. (University of Warsaw), LL.M. (University of Michigan), Ph.D. (Polish Academy of Sciences), Member of the New York Bar, Fellow, Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge, Visiting Professional Fellow, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary College, University of London; Professional Lecturer, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria; editor of the ICSID Reports. Member of the Editorial Board.