The Zuchtvieh-Export GmbH v. Stadt Kempten Case- The Triggering of a Substantial Link to 'Export' EU Animal Welfare Law?

In the 2015 judgment in the Zuchtvieh-Export GmbH v. Stadt Kempten case, the European Court of Justice extended EU standards on animal welfare beyond the Union's boundaries, stating that the requirements relating to watering and feeding intervals as well as the duration of journeys and resting periods also apply to those stages of the transport taking place outside the European Union. In addition to representing a landmark judgment in the sphere of improving EU animal welfare policy, in the author's view, this case is particularly innovative as it indicates a Court of Justice's novel trend to export EU law to third states, offering a substantial link to the "territorial extension" of EU social and environmental norms to non-EU states.

Anna Oriolo

Ph.D.; Associate Professor of International Law, Aggregate Professor of International Criminal Law, University of Salerno, Italy; Managing Editor.