Outline of the Parts

GCYILJ contains the following parts:



Doctrinal articles on international legal theory allow users to monitor, from several perspectives, the most significant transformations in the contemporary world constitutional structure and the evolution toward a global legal order. This part is at all times open to report on fresh developments of the international legal order due to the impact of globalization and to debate emerging, and often contradictory, trends in global law. Moreover, it promotes discussion on the evolution of interconnections between global law and the various legal and social systems of the world towards a global society.

Notes and Comments

This part contains short articles on current issues in international/global law. In line with this yearbook orientation, comments referring to international case law are given precedence.

In Focus

Beginning with the 2008 issue, GCYILJ includes a part entitled ‘In Focus—Global Policies and Law’, exploring the globalization of politics, communication, economics, culture, and the environment, while identifying objectives, programmes, models, public policy choices and emerging global policies, in an attempt to enhance the coordination and harmonization of norms and procedures and the implementation of global law.

Forum - Jurisprudential Cross-Fertilization

The main purpose of this part is to compare and analyse the relationship between the decisions of international courts, as a way of examining judicial dialogue and the development of common legal principles and concepts in all branches of international/global law. The aim is to promote a favourable environment for the courts to advance judicial cooperation, harmonizing regulatory frameworks at the global level.

Decisions of International Courts and Tribunals

GCYILJ offers complete coverage of the Decisions of the International Courts and Tribunals presented in the form of “legal maxims”, plus Introductory Notes on their activities.

Recent Lines of Internationalist Thought

This part contains innovative features: An overview and critical appraisal of current international law literature provides readers with the opportunity to view world issues from different perspectives, examine different methodologies and explore ideas drawn from different cultures. This undoubtedly allows understanding the relevance of internationalist thought on the subject of globalization and its challenges.

Changes have been made in the 2017 edition to this part.

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