International Judicial Decisions

The Yearbook reports and analyses annual developments in international jurisprudence. Each major international court or tribunal has its own section, which includes an ‘Introductory Note’ of their activities and ‘legal maxims’ of their case law decisions.

Courts and Tribunals covered include:

Introductory notes summarizing annual activities

An introductory note on each international tribunal or court provides a synopsis of their activities over the course of the year.

Legal maxims provide convenient access to points of law

Legal maxims provide researchers with quick access to the point of law in each case. They are arranged according to a logical order that facilitates an accurate overview of the decision. The maxims combine summaries and extracts in a format specifically designed for rapid reference.

Each case law includes the following information:

  • The full title of the case and the parties involved;
  • The type of decision, date, and original language;
  • Reference to the official publication of decisions in print or online.

Systematic classification scheme

Legal maxims are presented according to the “systematic classification scheme”. The two parts of the scheme respectively deal with substantive and procedural international law and each part is subdivided into headings and sub-headings.